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Do you remember the first time you learned to ride a bike? Like most of us, this was a very frustrating experience. Especially when you fell on the pavement and felt the pain of your mistake. I don’t know what you were thinking back then, but it’s safe to say it was negative.

If you succeeded at riding your bike without falling again, positive thought was likely part of your success. That positive message may have come from a parent, guardian, or friend. However, what’s important is you got the message.

If you didn’t replace your feelings of defeat with something positive, you might have avoided your bike forever. Learning to ride a bike is not usually a two step process though. It usually takes several attempts and possible falls before failure gives way to success.

After Every Mistake, There’s Another Waiting for you

Scratching is no different. Thus, you’ll have many upsets throughout the process of improving your scratching. Unlike when you learned to ride a bike, you won’t always have someone there to pick your ego off the floor and dust it off. You have to rely on yourself.

Even if you’re training with a high quality scratch teacher, they can’t always be there for you. A great teacher will give you the tools to progress regularly without their constant presence. This leads to getting much bigger results during practice.

Every Time Counts

Frustrating scratch practice usually creates thoughts that start with, “I can’t”. The reality is your brain will believe whatever you tell it. Especially if you make these kinds of thoughts a habit. The reverse is also true. If you regularly feed your brain with positive thought, it’ll believe that too.

If you’re used to negative thinking while facing challenges in your scratching, it’ll be difficult to avoid. However, you don’t want to avoid it. You want to deal with negative thought directly.

When dealing with negative thoughts, the goal is to replace those thoughts with its opposite. For example, “I can’t” becomes “I will”. Retraining your brain is a long term process and must be done each and every time negativity shows up.

Negative Thought Vs. Criticism

Although negative thought is a form of criticism, it’s a destructive form of criticism. This doesn’t mean you should abandon criticism, or replace every form of criticism with something else. Criticism when done right is very constructive and fuels progress.

In fact, constructive criticism is a form of positive thought. Your goal is not to lie to yourself in order to feel good about your struggles. It’s to recognize what needs improvement in your scratching and have faith you’ll overcome your problems.

Strength In Numbers

While changing negative thought to positives ones should be something you’re able to do on your own, we don’t live in isolation. Having friends, associates, or a high quality scratch mentor who successfully does the same thing is very helpful.

Often times, simply surrounding yourself with these types of people can greatly improve your view point. Not to mention, they can share their view on staying positive for more insight. Just like seeking out positive thoughts, you must also seek out positive people. If you do this, negativity doesn’t stand a chance.

Article written by Kwote


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