Does Your Scratching Lack Precision?


Are you aware that regardless of your current skill level, there are still areas that can be drastically improved? Similar to brain surgery, inaccuracies only lead to complications. Thankfully for you, scratching is not as critical a task as brain surgery. However, applying a similar level of care and precision can take your scratching to much higher levels.

Without precision, sloppiness takes over and your scratching is left to miss out on further progression. There are a variety of ways to become more precise on the cut. One of which I'm about to show that holds extreme value and can always be referred to as you continue to sharpen and polish your skills.

Introducing Minimal Record Hand Movements

'Minimal Record Hand Movements' is a system that can provide immediate improvement of your ability to be precise when you scratch. More importantly, if implemented regularly, it will lead to drastic long term improvement.

Unfortunately Not Much Importance Is Placed On Record Control

Whether you're new to scratching or a veteran, one thing you've probably noticed is a big push towards fader based scratches. Yet putting such importance on fader based technique tends to omit the fact that high quality fader based scratches won't exist if your record control is under developed.

Don't Get Caught Up In The Hype Of The Fader!

The one thing that grabs people most when falling for fader hype is speed. While it is true that great fader technique is a major factor towards building fast and precise cuts, it's not as major as great record control. Avoid the hype and discover how Minimal Movements will not only increase precision, but will lead to various other improvements in your scratching.

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DJ Clarity - Hip-Hop DJ and Turntablist Vermont, USA

DJ Clarity - Hip-Hop DJ and Turntablist
Vermont, USA

"When I first encountered Kwote's offer for the free 'Minimal Movements' report I was reluctant to sign up for it. I assumed I knew most of the techniques Kwote would be covering, but it soon became clear that Kwote has a unique style of breaking things down to the most finite levels and that has helped me look at my own technique and style in a whole new light.

After studying Kwote's 'Minimal Movements' report, I realized that I wasn't focusing on the right things when trying to improve my speed and precision. I wanted to get faster but was sacrificing precision in order to achieve speed. Kwote really turned the light bulb on for me when explaining how minimal movements can actually increase speed and reduce sloppiness. Thanks to the report I have been able to apply this concept to many scratches and have progressed further than I thought possible in a short period of time."


Sam Blam -Producer, Tablist, DJ Kansas City, MO

Sam Blam -Producer, Tablist, DJ
Kansas City, MO

"I signed up for Kwote's newsletter as soon as I understood that what Kwote writes is beneficial. I have learned a lot from previous articles Kwote has written. Had I not read those articles, I probably wouldn't have felt like making the effort to sign up for the report.

I found that through studying the 'Minimal Movements' report, I have confirmation on some of the thoughts and feelings I had about using a minimal technique and also many things I had yet to discover. I liked how Kwote talked about self analysis and explained how to do it. I also liked how I could relate the teachings of Kwote to my own personal experience.

The 'Minimal Movements' report is easy to receive. You sign up, receive it instantly and in addition get email with great knowledge and advice. I would recommend the 'Minimal Movements' report to everyone that is a DJ because this knowledge is so important to have. I really enjoyed the positive energy that Kwote put into this report. It not only helped me out with my scratching, but music in general as well as being able to apply these concepts to my life."


You Will Learn:

• How to apply minimal movements to a wide variety of scratches and why your scratching will become less sloppy as a result.
• Why minimal movements cuts down on physical strain and how it will allow you to scratch in a much more relaxed and controlled manner.
• How minimal movements will allow you to scratch at a faster pace and ultimately enable you to shred at lightning speeds.
• Effective practice strategies for minimal movements and why those strategies will radically speed up the learning process.
• How to optimize what you’ve learned so you can keep refining the techniques you apply it to.


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