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DJ Stretch - Turntablist Dublin, Ireland

DJ Stretch - Turntablist
Dublin, Ireland

"I was hesitant to purchase the tear scratch guide as I worried it might be too advanced for the level I was at, and as a result it might just frustrate me to know that such a core technique was beyond me. In the end I decided that this frustration was something I needed to accept as part of the learning process if I wanted to improve. As it turned out the course is designed with all skill levels in mind, so frustration wasn't really an issue.

One of the main benefits I found with the 'The Definitive Guide to the Tear Scratch' is that it makes you a lot more honest and analytical about your approach to practicing scratching. The insights you gain create fresh motivation to progress and improve.

Kwote breaks down every element of each scratch clearly and concisely, which is very useful when you start applying the techniques, as you can use a step by step approach when practicing if you're struggling to nail a particular scratch. The course is also well structured, starting with basic no fader tears before moving on to the intermediate and more advanced techniques.

Apart from the detailed instructions, one of the most beneficial aspects of the course is that it will change the way you think about scratching. Most advanced scratches are in essence a sequence of individual techniques and once you understand this it opens up a lot of options for new and interesting combinations.

The course also pushes you to consider the effect of your scratching on the audience, something which I hadn't really considered before. For example, if you want to build drama and then calm things down you might start with a fast, aggressive technique before switching to a slower, more melodic fading tear. Kwote also encourages you to look at other genres, instruments and artists to see how the tear concepts he teaches are derived from music outside of turntablism. It's good to expand your musical horizons, as most of the time I've tended to look at other scratch dj's for ideas and inspiration.

No matter what level you are currently at you will benefit from reading 'The Definitive Guide To The Tear Scratch'. It's something you can refer back to again and again for guidance, motivation and ideas. Also in addition to the excellent explanations of the many techniques covered, there is a broader underlying point about how to integrate musicality and emotion into your scratching. This will improve your scratching even if you are already at a decent technical level."

'The Definitive Guide to the Tear Scratch'

'The Definitive Guide to the Tear Scratch'



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