Congratulations For Deciding to Invest in Your Future
and Make Your Scratch Goals a Reality!


Below is a selection of plans for you to choose from. Lessons take place once per week on Skype and are 60 minutes in length. Lessons are paid in 4 week blocks or 12 week blocks. The 12 week plan is the BEST option for two very important reasons. The first and most important is your level of commitment. No one in the history of the world has ever achieved greatness without true commitment. If you truly want the best results possible from yourself, making a serious commitment to achieving success will result in success. Secondly a discount is applied to reward you for your commitment to yourself.

You must also realize that spots are filling up fast and pretty soon I won’t be able to take new students. If you don’t subscribe now you’ll have to contact me to get on a waiting list. With students being very satisfied and taking lessons long term, spots don’t free up easily and you could be waiting to take these high quality lessons for years. Don’t delay your dreams! You won’t get the type of lessons you need for true success as a scratch dj anywhere else!

After your payment has been submitted I will be in contact with you to discuss a specific time that each lesson will occur.

Click one of the buttons below to choose your level of success. All payments are processed through PayPal.


Four 60 Minute Lessons

$229.99 USD every four weeks

Twelve 60 Minute Lessons

$649.99 USD every twelve weeks


If you have any further questions about how to make payments go to the contact page.