“Kwote is definitely one of my favorites! His music is not only refreshing, it inspires me to stay on my P's and Q's when it comes to my music!”

Rob Swift - Master Turntablist of X-Executioners fame
New York, USA -  djrobswift.com

“Kwote’s music is highly unique. When I first read that he specializes in ‘turntablism’ and ‘modular synthesizers’, I wasn’t exactly ‘excited’ about wanting to actually hear such music to be honest. However, after actually listening to Kwote’s music and checking out his video I found the music to be very unique, interesting and fun to listen to.  The integration of Kwote’s broad range of different soundscapes is very cool.”

Tom Hess - Virtuoso Guitarist, Composer and Music Mentor
Illinois, USA -  tomhess.net

"Kwote is a genius level composer of sound. His control of groove, tension and release through the turntable is masterful on the level of some of the best movie soundtrack composers to date. And the fact that he openly teaches others his craft makes him uniquely personable as well."

Draven Grey - Accomplished professional musician, author, graphic artist, rock band success coach, recording engineer, label owner and philanthropist
Denver, USA - mindrockrecords.com

“Kwote's music is articulate, driving, bold and experimental.  Kwote milks as much as he can out of repetition, leaving the ear satisfied, but continuously surprised by the unexpected.”

Jessa Young - Accomplished singer, pianist, composer
Seattle, WA -  prismalodic.com

“Kwote composes music that allows the listener to get lost in their imagination.  Very interesting tunes.  His songs are unlike anything I have heard before and it is always great to hear new compositions that are very different than what you are used to.  He has a unique and creative approach to everything he does. Definitely check out Kwote if you are looking for something innovative and fresh.”

Zack Uidl - Professional Guitarist, Studio/Session Musician, Instructor, and Composer
Illinois, USA -  zackuidl.com

“Kwote is a deep thinking and experimental musician who cares greatly about his art, and this comes across in his thoughtful and often conceptual music.”

Red - Accomplished Producer and Turntablist
London, UK -  nmbrs.net/artists/redinho

"Kwote’s art is deep and cerebral, attracting the audiophile and those who are into aural aesthetics. Often running that fine line between ultimate control and losing control, Kwote’s music snatches attention."

Guy Onraet - Guitarist, Instructor, Composer, Writer
Calgary, AB Canada - guyonraet.com