Why Lacking Awareness of Your Progress Kills Motivation


When working to achieve your goals, it’s very common to only think of your goals as the mark of achievement. While there is some truth to this, if you only think in this manner, it will be very difficult for you to continue moving forward with your scratching. Particularly, if the goals you're working to attain are extremely challenging. The reality is there are many steps of achievement within each and every goal you’ll ever face. Thus, it’s vital to acknowledge and appreciate when you've accomplished them.

When you don't appreciate each moment of progress you experience, your mind tends to focus on only one thing. That thing is frustration and if that's all you're focused on, you will bury yourself in it. Staying motivated in a cloud of frustration is next to impossible. The result of this negative mindset when scratching is you'll start to believe you can't achieve your goal. The more you believe you can't do something, the more it will become true because your mind believes what you tell it. Once your disbelief is strong, it'll be harder to handle the challenges of your goals and like most dj’s, you'll probably give up.

Open Your Eyes and See What's There

Admittedly, it isn't always easy to keep track of all your accomplishments. Especially if they aren't blatantly obvious. However, it can be done much easier than you may realize. Imagine, you were on a weight loss program and you had a goal to lose 100 pounds.

Obviously, losing 100 pounds is not an easy task. If you need to lose that much weight, it'll take awhile before you start visually noticing weight loss. If you didn't have a scale, you would probably assume within the first few weeks that your efforts were ineffective so why bother. Clearly, that’s a foolish way to go about things. Using a tool as simple as a scale to track your progress is extremely common and effective.

Use the Right Tool for the Job

In scratching, progress is more measurable in some areas than others. However, all of your progress can be kept track of with recording. For example, if your goal is to scratch very fast, you can record yourself scratching over a beat and gradually increase the tempo until you reach the speed you desire. All the while listening to your recordings to hear how close you are to the speed you want.

When working on freestyling, it’s harder to measure than speed, but definitely something you can track. Record your freestyles often and compare old recordings with current ones, while thinking of how you want to improve. The more you listen thoughtfully, the more you should be able to hear how you're advancing in those areas.

When Regression Occurs

Truthfully, not everything you record will be packed full of progress. You may hear mistakes you thought you got past. This is actually good because you’ll know you need to practice more effectively. Now you can find better ways to reach your goals and get much better results. You may not know what those methods are, but someone else does. I’ve helped dj’s like you achieve their goals fast with effective and efficient practice strategies. If you're not getting huge results from practice try my Scratch Lessons for DJ’s.

Take Pride in Yourself

Tracking your progress is important, but it's only a means to an end. When tracking your progress, you need to take time to enjoy the fact that YES, you’re definitely moving forward. If you do this, you’ll be happier and have more fun. Everything will be easier and you’ll be motivated to conquer your challenges!

Article written by Kwote


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