Why Satisfaction is Hard to Find


Satisfaction from all your hard efforts in scratching is something that you naturally want out of the experience. So why are you dissatisfied more often than not? Is satisfaction something that just shows up once and awhile, doomed to always go away the moment it's in your grasp? Believe it or not, satisfaction is not such a rarity.

If You Don't Value the Journey, What Good is the Destination?

When you think about going on a long overdue vacation are you dreading the idea or rejoicing in it? I'll bet there aren't many who don't look forward to such a thing. Yet when it comes time to plan it out, you may not be so thrilled. You have to think about costs, how long it will take to get there, how long you'll stay, what you'll do while you're there and when you'll come back. Admittedly, not all of those things are enjoyable to contemplate. So much so, that many will avoid going on vacation at all because they are so focused on the process and all the so called negative snags that might put a damper on the overall experience they're crafting for themselves.

Unfortunately, this means they may not get to where they want to go until their life is headed towards the end. Some may never go at all and remain unfulfilled for the rest of their life. Mostly all due to the big build up of problems they dreamed up in their heads years ago. However, if they just focused on the good times ahead and all the satisfaction they would have for doing what they set out to do, they would find a way to make it happen and additionally enjoy the process a lot more.

The Process of Achieving Excellence in Scratching Will Take its Toll

No one ever said becoming an outstanding scratch dj would be easy. Of course, like any other art form, scratching has many trials and tribulations to contend with. Regardless, you will have a much more fulfilling time heading towards your goals if you take time to cherish each and every achievement along the way, no matter how small. You should take pride in achieving anything that moves you closer to becoming your ideal self. Even just making plans to do so is worth celebrating. Especially when you consider that most will never care enough about themselves to make the effort to plan, let alone execute such plans.

Unfortunately, you're more likely to only get excited when bigger things are achieved. Even if you do find satisfaction in the smaller things, it's likely very minor and doesn't last long. It may pass so quickly you won't hardly notice or remember it because it's already eclipsed by some other challenge that has you frustrated. What's worse, you may work hard for weeks, months, even years and finally achieve your biggest goals only to find that you didn't find the happiness you expected to. Sadly this could mean not moving forward any further and even feeling like you have no purpose anymore.

Being Satisfied is a Choice!

What you focus on in life is what elicits response. So if you choose to focus on all the negative aspects of what you're doing, expect a negative experience. However, when you choose to embrace all the positive aspects and regularly seek out the silver lining where there seems to be none, you WILL find satisfaction.

Realize that there is no end to any journey, only new beginnings. There will always be something greater to achieve in all that you do, so to feel like it's all over just because you achieved a major goal is actually quite ridiculous. A negative view of the situation dictates that you feel defeated because you can never truly master your art (if you've even opened your mind to the possibility). On the other hand, a positive viewpoint will wholeheartedly embrace this fact as an opportunity to regularly experience the joy of achievement throughout their lives.

Dissatisfaction is Not Always an Enemy

While it is vital that you find satisfaction in all that you do, you must not allow satisfaction to give way to complacency. If you become overly satisfied, the same dangers of losing momentum present themselves because you start to feel you've done enough and you can just bask in the glow of it all. However if you allow a little room for dissatisfaction, it can be a great motivator and reminder that there is still something you can do to improve. Nothing is perfect, but striving towards perfection is what has allowed humanity to continually evolve throughout the ages.

Exceed Your Own Expectations

Now that you've gotten an idea of what being satisfied in scratching can actually mean, I invite you to set the bar for yourself extremely high. Don't sell yourself short with meager goals. Big dreams lead to big achievements. Nothing extraordinary in this world was achieved by thinking small. Likewise, those that have achieved greatness did so with great passion and great passion could not exist without satisfaction.

Article written by Kwote



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