Effective Scratch Practice Strategies


Articles about technical challenges that arise from scratching and how to get past them with effective practice strategies.

Fader Hand Tension - Why Less Equals More
Scratching with too much tension in your fader hand can really cripple your ability to flow smoothly and stay consistent. Even worse, it can keep you from getting down techniques and combinations. Learn how to reduce fader hand tension and avoid this major pitfall.

Pattern Generation - Infinite Possibilities
Do you find yourself doing the same cuts over and over? There is a common belief in ruts that is dangerous to your progression. Learn how to break free of this misconception and discover a simple strategy to unlock endless scratch patterns.

Back to Basics
Ever wonder why your cuts lack soul? Many dj's of today hit their audience with nothing but a barrage of highly technical cuts. Since the average listener can't relate to this, you'll tend to be perceived as lacking soulfulness. Learn what it takes to avoid this perception and bring out the soul in your cuts that people naturally crave.

The Enemy of Stamina
Are you unable to practice for long periods of time due to physical burn out? Scratching for the amount of time you have designated towards practice can be crucial to your development. Don't allow your current level of endurance to drag you down and find out how to dramatically improve your stamina!

Never Get it Wrong – The Power of Isolation
Are you tired of not getting significant results from your practice time? Do you realize that without a proper practice strategy you will continue to progress at a very slow rate? Discover an effective and efficient practice strategy that will not only bring you better and quicker results, but will also require less practice time to get those results.

The Necessity of Ultra Pitch Turntables
Are you sacrificing expressive options because of limited pitch range? If you don't update your gear with turntables that have a much wider pitch range, you're missing out on a high level of musical freedom. Find out the benefits of owning ultra pitch turntables and stop letting outdated technology dictate what's possible.

From Wandering Mind to Pinpoint Focus
Do you find you have a short attention span when practicing specific techniques or combinations? If you are unable to focus completely on the item you're practicing, it will prove much more difficult to improve. Learn the power of extreme focus and how to make your concentration unbreakable.

Magnifying Your Flaws 
Do you realize that your skill level could actually be below what you perceive it to be? Judging what you're doing while in the act of doing it is not the best way to assess your problems. Find out why video recording your practice sessions is a great way to get a reality check and begin to advance your scratching to a more desirable level!

Your Record Hand Weighs a Ton - Getting Rid of Dead Weight
Are you struggling to maintain good record control? Pushing down too hard on the record while scratching is one of the biggest reasons why your consistency is suffering. Find out how to go from heavyweight to featherweight scratching and why doing so will allow you to scratch much more fluidly.

If You're Not Staying Sharp, You're Becoming Dull 
Do you realize that if you're not practicing regularly, you're allowing your skills to slowly, but surely fall apart? Undoing all your hard work is clearly not your intention so stop undermining yourself! Learn how to keep your scratch skills sharp without spending a ton of time to do so.

Disposable Problems 
Do you realize you could be working against yourself when you scratch? This tends to happen when problems are encountered, but the solution isn't very clear. Stop doubling your efforts and reduce your scratching problems so they can be more easily resolved.

Sluggish Improvement vs. Heightened Awareness 
Are you sick of your scratching improving at a snail's pace? If you are not actively documenting your problems and how to overcome them, you will likely go through a vicious cycle of hopelessly revisiting your problems with no clear end in sight. Find out why putting a pen to paper in the midst of your scratch sessions will wake you up to a much more effective and efficient method of improving your scratching.

The Dangers of Playing it Safe 
Are you aware that staying in your comfort zone will ultimately lead to extreme discomfort? Even if you dare to go a little bit outside your comfort zone, you still run the risk of falling extremely short of your goals. Learn how to go wildly outside of your comfort zone and scratch with ease.

Why Blindly Practicing Will Lead You to Walls 
Scratching just for the sake of scratching can be fun in the moment, but leads to disappointing results. If you're like most dj's, you're probably having these kinds of sessions more often than you'd like to admit. Learn how to gain more results from your scratch practice time with a little more thoughtful scratching.

The Dark Side of Learning New Scratches 
Feeling overwhelmed when learning to scratch is all too easy to go through. Unfortunately, if you're like most people, you probably don't spend much if any time addressing your feelings of overwhelm. Learn how to make big advancements much more quickly than you would otherwise, by facing your scratching problems head on.

The Discouraging Side of Progression 
Progression in your scratching is something that allows you to thrive, yet it can take you on some surprisingly dark turns. While it’s not uncommon to experience many setbacks when progressing, it doesn’t have to be the norm. Discover how to cut down on your setbacks and progress your scratching much faster and more consistently.

Why Confusing Jamming with Practice is Detrimental 
Do you realize that simply scratching over a beat is not an effective use of your practice time? Not having clarity on how to effectively practice can keep you going around in circles, making it much harder to improve. Learn how to get the most out of your scratching by gaining a true understanding of what quality scratch practice actually is.

Why Lacking Awareness of Your Progress Kills Motivation 
Did you know there's much more to progress than attaining your goals? If your only idea of progress is achieving a goal, the process of achieving that goal will be much more frustrating, because you'll be viewing the entire process as lack of achievement. Gain a better understanding of what progress actually is and how to track your scratching progress by using methods that are simple and easy to implement!

Why Weak Record Control Equals Weak Scratching 
Not putting enough time into developing record control will prevent you from fully expressing yourself. If you're like most people, you likely spend far too much time obsessing over your fader skills, thus neglecting what's vitally more important. Don't continue making this mistake! Learn to really control the record at a very high level and make a major impact with your scratching!

How to Make Your Scratching Super Clean 
Do you realize that not scratching with both of your hands in sync will cause you to sound very sloppy? Developing synchronization between your record hand and fader hand is essential for ultra clean scratching. Learn how to correctly synchronize your hands so you can dramatically clean up your scratching.

How to Shred Like a Scratch Beast 
Did you know the average approach to building speed in your scratching doesn't result in extreme levels of speed? One often overlooked, but highly essential aspect of scratching insanely fast is efficient movement. Learn to scratch as efficiently as possible, so you can scratch faster than ever before.