The Psychology Behind Scratch Success


Articles about mental barriers in scratching and how to overcome them for greater success towards your scratch goals.

Inspiration Lost? Recapture Your Fire
Do you find that you're unable to sustain your motivation? Lack of motivation is poison to your progression as a dj. Don't get lost in a sea of indifference and learn what it takes to keep your scratching on fire!

The Destruction of Progress - Save Yourself
Is your progression moving slowly, or even worse, non existent? You may be sabotaging yourself with negative thought at critical points of the development process. Learn to eliminate negative thought and create an empowering mindset that will greatly improve your rate of progression.

Are You Caught In A Delusion of Ruts?
Ruts can be one of the biggest killers of progress. Not only will ruts slow you down dramatically, but they can also strike at any moment. Allowing yourself to stay in a rut can cause stress and is definitely NOT the solution! Find out how to toss ruts aside once and for all!

Grappling With Nerves 
If you've ever scratched in front of people before than you're no stranger to being nervous. Like most dj’s, you probably want to get over it, but never took the time to thoroughly examine what causes nervousness. Find out the root cause of nervousness and learn to overcome it so you can scratch more confidently than ever before!

Why Satisfaction is Hard to Find 
If you've been scratching for any length of time then you know that satisfaction is not so easily gained. Being regularly unsatisfied with your scratching can cause lack of improvement. Learn to increase your satisfaction and improve your scratching experience.

Why Sacrificing Tomorrow For Today Will Fail You 
Focusing on insignificant things will slow you down, if not completely derail you from achieving your goals. Unfortunately, this is an all too common habit that you’re likely suffering from. Learn how to stop indulging in this destructive behavior and scratch more diligently.

Scratching In A Band – Expand Your Opportunities
Are you tired of only being heard by other turntablists? Scratching in a band with non tablists is an excellent way to explore opportunities in scratching that wouldn't be available otherwise. Whether you have considered joining a band or not, find out why scratching in a band can be very beneficial for you.

Discovering the Fire Within From Outside
If you are not regularly inspired you can't expect to be consistently motivated. When you're not motivated you will inevitably procrastinate and get further behind on achieving your dreams. Learn how to stay passionate about scratching from what inspires you most.

Why Persistence is More Important Than Talent
Do you realize that natural talent is not a necessity? The one thing that will surpass natural talent each and every time is something we are all capable of and that one thing is persistence. Learn the importance of persistently pursuing your dj goals and how it will transform you into the dj you wish to become.

The Art of Having Fun
Scratching can be a lot of fun, but as you know it can also be a major source of frustration. Unfortunately, if you don't know how to cope with your frustration, having fun won't happen as often as you'd like. Find out how to enjoy your scratch sessions more consistently and have more fun then you probably thought possible.

Why Seeking Perfection Will NOT Lead to Perfection
The desire to be perfect at scratching will harm your progress. Having a perfectionist mentality can fill you with fear of being imperfect and thus sabotage your desire to take action towards your goals. Learn to progress at scratching continually without need for perfection.