Are You Stuck in a Rut with Your Cuts?


Being in a rut is a very common problem for dj’s who scratch. Not surprisingly, this will cause you tons of frustration if you believe you’re in a rut. Often times this leads to losing the joy of scratching. Even worse, you can lose all your motivation to scratch. Ruts are a real problem. Or are they?

Why would you doubt that ruts exist? After all, you’ve heard about them for so long, you’d feel foolish to think they’re imaginary. So when you feel you’re suffering from one, it becomes more real to you.

Subtle Improvement

Try rejecting popular belief for now, so you can figure out what your rut really is. Perhaps you’re experiencing a lack of growth in your scratch skills. You feel like you’ve been at it for awhile and there is no obvious progress happening. Understand, you won’t see big advancements over night, even if you have high expectations.

In fact, you also probably experienced a rut and suddenly you had a breakthrough out of nowhere. How can this be so? Well the truth is you were never in a rut. You were simply going through the process of improvement. You made mistake, after mistake, after mistake, all the while getting closer to your goal. So what happened? You stayed persistent with your scratching until you achieved what seemed like a big struggle before.

Frustration Takes Over

When you have a big challenge, it’s overwhelming to compare your current skills to your goal. As you struggle onward, you start gathering frustration from not achieving your goal. Then your frustration from scratching becomes your focus, instead of how close you are to achieving your goal. This type of thinking is pointless and now you’re back to believing you’re in a rut.

A Change of Focus Makes a World of Difference

Looking back to the previous example, part of it is right. Focusing on what you want to achieve with each goal is important. However, too much focus on struggling is taking the fun out of everything. Thus, you must focus on each little victory towards your goal.

Now you might be saying to yourself, "What victories? I haven’t succeeded yet." Think of all your mistakes when scratching as a learning experience. Mistakes aren’t about not getting it, not being good enough, or any other garbage you’ve been feeding yourself. Take the time to actually think about what’s going wrong and how you can fix it.

It’s so easy to bang away at something without really thinking, but successful people don’t do this. Successful people examine their problems because they believe they’ll solve them. They celebrate every mistake because they gain knowledge from it. Best of all, this way of thinking leads to larger victories.

The Many Faces of Ruts

So now you might be saying to yourself, "Well that’s great, but I’m not having that kind of rut. I’m having a creative block." Or perhaps some other issue is slowing you down to a crawl. You can’t let it get to you though. Understand, your mind is just letting you know you’re off track and you need to figure out how to fix it.

Sulking isn’t going to do any good. The brain loves to problem solve and if you just mess around, you’re not allowing it to do what it does best. You may not have the answer now. However, if you get used to thinking of ways to solve your scratch problems, you’ll solve them. It’s a healthy habit to develop that WILL get results.

The First Step is Faith

Faith in yourself. Faith in your goals. Faith in the potential of the human brain. And why shouldn’t you have this faith? Look around you. There are many dj’s who have achieved great feats in scratching. At one time or another, they were no different than you. Build your faith and take action!

Article written by Kwote


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