Conceptual Scratch Theory


Articles about the conceptual side of scratching and how paying attention to such concepts will dramatically improve your expressive capabilities.

If You Don't Breathe You May Choke - The Benefits of Silence
Scratching without much use of silence can create extreme overwhelm for your audience. This is unfortunate because it will likely cause them to tune out. Learn why silence in scratching is so powerful and how to use it to your advantage.

Pitch Variation - A Matter of Urgency
Ever wonder why your cuts lack emotion? If you're unable to capture emotion in your scratching, people won't connect with what you want to express. Learn how to truly express yourself with scratching.

Expect The Unexpected
Scratching in the same rhythm regularly can sound very static and even worse, boring. If you don't vary your rhythm, everything else you do when you scratch will suffer as a result. Discover the rubato technique and how it will bring excitement to your scratching.

Scratching Away From The Turntable - Mental Scratch Strategy
Do you struggle with technical challenges when improvising? Do you realize you're creativity is being unnecessarily limited as a result? Learn how to break through the barriers that are holding your creativity back, even when you have no access to your set up.

Why Your Ears Might Be Failing You 
Listening is an often ignored, but crucial skill. If you are not properly listening to your musical environment, how can you possibly expect to react appropriately? Learn how to use your ears more intelligently so you can effectively communicate to your audience!

Is Your Style Full of Poor Choices? 
There is so much to learn in scratching that if you wanted to master it all, it would likely take you several decades or more. Yet mastering it all will not guarantee you'll express yourself in a way that’s most desirable to you. Learn why it’s crucial to avoid an everything and the kitchen sink style and find a scratch style that appeals to you.

Why Thoughtless Solos Get Greeted With Closed Minds 
Are you aware that your solos may severely lack structure? Regardless of how high your skill level is, if you're solos aren't well structured you will sound like an amateur. Find out how to give your scratch solos a more professional edge.

The Power of Influence by Other Genres 
If you aren't listening to genres that don't contain scratching, you're likely suffering from lack of originality. Additionally, ignoring non turntablist music could cause you to sound overly robotic and lacking in musicality. Find out how to discover your own voice in scratching today!

3 Keys to Effective Scratch Sentence Phrasing 
If you're familiar with scratch sentence phrasing then you know how challenging it is. If you avoid working on it because of it's difficulty level, you'll miss out on one of the most powerful ways to connect with an audience. Learn the key things you need to focus on to take your scratch sentence phrasing to a much higher level!